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Spotting...possibly TMI

So with all of my pregnancies so far I have had brown spotting, with my first it was around 12 weeks, with my second around 5 weeks and with this one I am 6 weeks and it is just starting...the first 2 times I was quite worried, this time I am not so much because it seems like a pattern.

My question...I was pushing to have a poop over the weekend and the blood was bright red, only for the time that I was pushing and only a small amount, could I have done something? I don't necessarily think anything is wrong with baby I just think that I might be constipated and I wonder what I could do to make sure I am not? I am keeping myself hydrated, but still nursing a 1 year old, I am ALWAYS thirsty and can't keep up with it sometimes, on top of that, she is sick and I am tired!!!

Now, because of my history, am I right in thinking that I am probably ok with this brown spotting? And could the bright red spots be of a major concern? And constipation? How do I know and what do I do!!

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