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Re: Please take my poll on which Britax you like the best..

Originally Posted by CMommyof2 View Post
Throgh the Britax site or other dealers possibley on ebay but it has to be a Britax cover for the specific seat. I would go through the diffrences of the three but i have to get to work in a min sorry I am sure someone else can though Oh also I have a Marathon I chose that over the Blvd because to me it seemed more comfy and I have a large truck and my dd is usully in the center next to her sister in a Regent. Also while RFing kids have side impact protection but the Blvd has True side impact protection. If I were in a small lower car with my dd out board FFing I ewould get the Blvd. anyways just my Oh if it matters my dd is 2 and still rfing her seat is a last year model which only RF to 33 so I will reevaluate her height when she reaches that weight to see if I can get a seat that will keep her rfing those 2 lbs longer
Ok so if were to buy one in the parkway theme, I could also buy one in the hunnington theme and switch them out, and still be under the warranty, right? I just couldn't get custom made ones that aren't made britax.. right?
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