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Exclamation UPDATE~HELP!!! Diflucan while BFing???

DS has thrush and is being treated with Nystatin. I called my OBGYN today and they called me in a prescription for Diflucan (Flucanazole). But on the pharmacy insert, it says DO NOT take while BFing. What is up with that? I've read other posts on here about thrush and that other mama's were prescribed it and took it. But I don't want to do anything that's not safe. Anyone know??

I took my first Diflucan pill last night. I feed DS right before bed (around 11-11:30). He slept until 7 this morning and I actually had to wake him up. Then he barely ate. He had a dr appt but I didn't think much about the sleeping and eating so I didn't ask. We got home and he fell back asleep. I woke him up at 11 to try and eat but he would suckle a little and fall back asleep. I tried undressing him, cold rag, even ice on his skin. Nothing worked. I called the ped. and am waiting on a call back. AND he got circumcised today. I really worried that it's something in the medicine.

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