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Re: C-section and b-fing getting nervous help !!!!!

One thing to keep in mind that usually is not mentioned is that antibiotics are put in the IV for a c-section. This increases the risk of thrush, especially in the milk ducts. Therefore, be prepared for that, watch for the signs (intense breast pain while nursing being a big one) and GET HELP immediately for it. To try and prevent it, eat lots of yogurt and take probiotics. That was the problem I had had with the c-section was having thrush. Otherwise, since my incision was under my belly, I didn't have too many problems nursing then again, I was limited to football hold anyway due to my HUGE chest. And have hubby/partner do as much for you as possible. I think the hardest for me was just being able to get out of the bed and they had put so much fluids in me, I swelled up like a freaking balloon. But it CAN work. I had a c-section. My daughter even got an ounce of formula her first day because of low blood sugars, and I had thrush along with tons of other problems. We got through them all and she's now 27 months. The key is knowing that you can do it and not acceptable ANY other alternative. So that means, NO formula in your house, NO bottles even. EXPECT to succeed and you will.
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