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Re: C-section and b-fing getting nervous help !!!!!

I had an unplanned c-secton with Margo and two things saved our BFing relationship:

1. Sheer determination and stubbornness. I absolutely refused to give up! I never doubted for a moment that I would BF, even when I was hurting and overwhelmed. Keep your thoughts positive! You CAN do it! Millions of women do it every single day with all kinds of obstacles and complications! The nurses helped me try to nurse Margo when I was less than 15 minutes out of surgery.

2. The hospital LC - she came in and spent almost an entire day with me and Margo during my recovery stay, making sure we knew positioning, latching, and feeding tricks that could and DID work. She was wonderful, and it helped me feel more confident and capable. So take full advantage of that kind of help if you have it while you are staying in the hospital. I never had breast pain or cracked nipples or anything, never had mastitis, never had thrush - we never had any problem at all!

As for the other two kiddos, can you prepare them now that they will have to wait and help mommy more until the little one gets a little bigger? Would they understand that?

GOOD LUCK, mama! It will be just fine! You CAN do it.
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