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Re: I'm ashamed of myself (re: discipline..long)

Good for you for thinking about all these things!! And you realise his behavior is age appropriate, which is a big thing... I know it doesn't help, but I can tell you that some of us just have active children!! It's nothing you've done, but your parenting may be more challenging then other parents you know! Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day... the suggestion to count is a great idea! At childcare classes, they used to even recommend making sure the kids are safe & walk outside for some fresh air! My son is also a very active (sometimes miscevious) little boy! The pp that recommended putting things out of reach is a great suggestion! I find the days when only toys are out & there aren't all the distractions of things he can't touch (like Auntie & Uncles huge tv), our day goes better! Being outside is also great!! My son loves to run around & round the yard to run off energy!! He also loves to go for walks in the stroller... It's great that you see the good & know your son is a loving boy! Things will only get better!!
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