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6mo old wants food - help, please

I've only nursed my last 3 kiddos and nursing is still relatively new to me - I know each baby is different, but this one is really different from the last two.

He wants FOOD! He sees us eat and wants some - and it seems like he gets upset when I try to nurse him most of the time. He screamed today until I fed him about 2 jars of baby food - he refused to nurse.

The problem is constipation - he's having trouble. And he isn't nursing much when he does. He used to nurse about 10min on each side about every 4hrs. Now (if he'll take it) about 5min each side with fussing.

Do I give him something else and quit nursing? Will he pick up the nursing again after this thing - whatever it is?

My other boys ebf until about 1yr - this one is a bigger boy and completely different.

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