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Re: 6mo old wants food - help, please

My little guy was interested in solids at around four months, and so I started him on a little bit of rice cereal mixed with loads of breast milk. I would give him a couple of spoon-fuls while my hubby and I ate our dinner - and then let the rest of the day be about nursing only. Solid food was not an option. I would eat my meals when he was napping so it didn't "tempt" him.
Around 6 months, the little guy was going through a lot developmentally (learning to sit up, starting to scoot, etc) and he was very much disinterested in nursing - but I did not give up, and neither should you!!! This is probably just a phase. Something that I learned from my lactation consultant was that if you offer your baby more flavorful food (fruits and veggies out of a jar) that they may temporarily be more interested in that than breast milk just because it is new and different and kind of exciting. If he must have solids at this time, maybe stick to super bland foods like the rice or oatmeal mixed with breast milk. Good luck to you!! And DON'T GIVE UP!!!
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