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Arrow Re: I'm ashamed of myself (re: discipline..long)

Ok, as a seasoned mother of 11 years, I dont believe in spanking for minor things.... BUT I know kids and I know 2yr olds ( I also taught young preschool b/f SAHMing) They are very unpredictable- no matter what you do or how safe you make things, you still have to teach them whats ok, and what will hurt them, and I believe that if it is something major like: your child just turns and runs from you straight into the street- or as you mentioned risking falling out a 2nd story window- that those MAJOR life threatening incidents require a little more than your typical discipline. I do not hesitate to swat a butt if one tries to run in the street- it would be alot worse to get hit by a car! BUT whats important is that you dont use spanking all the time for everything OR when it really counts it wont work... and I also dont mean beat a kid or anything of course, but a swat on the butt (when rarely used) is going to grab their attention like "Whoah, what was that?" For other things, especially when that young, redirection is key & timeouts work if used correctly (think Super NAnny) But as we all know there are going to be times, regardless of how well we watch them, and protect them, that things will still happen...

I got pregnant with my 1st just after my 14th B-day. As moms, regardless of age, we all questions ourselves now and again...if we didnt, we wouldnt be human...we wouldnt be women... And how would we better ourselves? Why would we bother? The idea that it came up to your attention is enough to know you truly do feel to its not the right thing for your family, and thats the 1st step. We'll pray for you to find something that WILL work for YOUR family and to have the patience and strength it will take to break old habits and build on the new ones...
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