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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

3 children back, I started later (about a year). Not very effective (wasn't trying too hard either).

2 children back, I did it a little more and from about 2 months she didn't wear a diaper at bedtime and stayed dry most nights shortly thereafter. I think it was easier for me to do with a girl because I figured gravity would pull the wet below her if she was going to have an accident.

With the current baby, 6 months, I started at about 2 weeks. He almost always goes first thing in the morning and right after each nap. I'm not brave enough to keep his diaper off at night because it is a "he" and he sleeps on his back or side and we co-sleep. I don't want to have to wash the mattress pad under him and all the sheets/blankets on top also. So, I guess I'm lazy.

I use the infant b'jorn for him and the next size up for the next one. For the baby, I sit it on the bathroom counter, say pssst and turn on the faucet. If he doesn't go right away, I carefully get the water to body temp. and sprinkle a little down there. I tell the kids I'm getting him washed off To get him off of there I reach for the leg that is the opposite side as my arm and get him off by tilting him toward my arm (otherwise he kicks and squirms and knocks the potty seat off). Also, if it's just potty, I just dump his in the sink and rinse it. BM I dump into the toilet. (Still exclusively BF)

Actually, I use his b'jorn to give him his bath also. Put it on the counter, take off his clothes and sit him on there. I can use the wash cloth and wash under his neck, back, tummy, front diaper area... Then I get him off and wash off his back diaper area. Then I wrap him in the towel and wash his hair. It works very well!
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