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Re: Toddler nursing

He's almost 14mos. I never thought this would be a problem. I EP'd for 3mos until I finally got him on the breast. When I finally did, he'd only do it 2-4 times/day and still seemed to prefer the bottle to breast most of the time. At 10mos, he slowed down on the morning feeds and cut out all the others. Now, since he turned 12 mos he has picked the evening feeding back up. I've still been pumping all this time and have only recently cut back to 2 times a day on the pumping. I have also been on dom for 1yr and I'm ready to stop that.
I am at a loss to explain the new desperation that he is showing for nursing. He has never been this interested before. I planned this vacation when he was showing little interest and now we're $4000 in the hole for it and it's not refundable. We're going. I just really don't want to keep pumping and taking dom.
I just never thought we'd be in this situation. I had resigned myself to not nursing when he came back to breast, and then I resigned myself to not extended bfing when he seemed so disinterested. Now here I am and I am torn. Mommy guilt sucks.
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