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Re: 6mo old wants food - help, please

Honestly at this age your LO should still be getting the majority of nutrients from breastmilk, not only because of constipation and dehydration but because of anemia and iron deficiency. Cereals may have a higher amount of iron in them, but only 4-7% of iron in solids are absorbed by a baby, whereas breastmilk with a lower amount of iron has 50-70% rate of absorption and the iron in breastmilk is bound to proteins which make it easier to absorb and prevent in iron deficiency.

Every time your bub eats solids you are taking something less nutritious away for something not as nutritious, for the first year breastmilk has all a baby needs and solids should be viewed as practice, but not relied on for nutrients.

I'd honestly just take away solids for good until it stops interfering with your nursing, and then reintroduce it at a slower rate, once or twice a day in small amounts.
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