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Re: stupid question

Sure there are. Sometimes a pregnancy just can't be sustained that month. At least you are charting and know what's going on, KWIM? We tried for SO LONG without charting and got pregnant the first month I charted, but totally by chance since we didn't know when I was going to ovulate (which was over 30 days into my cycle).
I'm not sure if anyone would know why you aren't getting pregnant (if you're sure of when you ovulated) unless you went in and had testing done but I don't know that would show anything for you or DH. Circumstances could be different somehow than they were the last time you concieved and someow that's throwing it out of whack, too.
There is such a thing as secondary infertility - we thought we had it. It's not rare, but also not common, KWIM? Since your daughter is so young I don't know that would be a possiblity for you. If you're ovulating maybe it has more to do with DHs "men" or your environment. Don't worry about anything I've said! Just keep trying. I wouldn't worry until a year has gone past with no "product" as my doctor calls it, LOL. That's the point at which doctors say to think about getting treatment. Since we know you're ovulating it's promising!
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