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Re: Toddler nursing

Sorry that you are torn mama.

I can only tell you what I would do.

Since you are only nursing twice a day. I would take the pump with you on vacation. Pump twice a day and be done with it. I am saying this for two reasons, 1) to keep up your supply and 2) Even though you are only nursing twice a day, you could become very engorged while away, this can lead to pain and mastitis. OUCH! And that won't make for a good vacation. I think that breastmilk is allowed across borders. Call the airline ahead of time and ask what you need to do to follow regulations.

I would stop taking the dom and stop pumping (except on your trip). You have given your son a great gift by nursing him this long with all of the problems that you have. I would however, keep nursing him when you are with him. He can get food and other milks at daycare. If your supply tanks, take heart in the fact that you have done a great job. Most likely he will wean when there is no milk. Let it be his choice. Much gentler and easier on everyone involved.

Hope this made sense!! Kinda rambling....

I wish you the best of luck!
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