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My Pediatrician got HOSTILE!

Alright, so a while back I posted in the Breastfeeding forum about how my DD's Pediatric office isn't exactly the best fit for us. They don't encourage breastfeeding (though they don't discourage it either), are in and out with scarcely a close glace at the child and you never see the same Pediatrician. But, because we are very limited in selections due to our insurance, I've stuck with them.

Today we took Emma for what appears to be an eye infection, and also some yeast problems (what I thought was just plain old diaper rash).
We were about halfway through the appointment when the Doctor says "now, has seen had her first vaccinations yet?"
I replied "No, we are going to be holding off on vaccinating for a while."
He gets this look on his face, sighs and says
"well, can I ask WHY you don't want to vaccinate your child?"
Being that I'd already been through this with TWO of the other Pediatricians on staff, I simply stated "Just personal preference. I just know what I want and think is best for my child."

Now, here is where I got angry...

"well, I wouldn't be doing my job as a Doctor if I didn't set you straight on vaccinations. *insert multiple horror stories about his former patients here*. And I don't know what you've heard, but the reason children are healthy as they are these days is because of vaccinations. They don't cause autism, nor do they carry risks like they used to. Now, I can't control what you do with your child, but I feel like I should tell you upfront that most Pediatricians you'll find will take offense that you choose not to vaccinate your child. Rather than coming in with all this outside information, and telling us we are the bad guys and are out to hurt your kid; I suggest reading the facts first."

I left with a BAD taste in my mouth. My husband and I both felt belittled, accused and verbally accosted by this Doctor.
Am I overeacting? I just didn't care for the WAY he approached it, the things he said, or the fact that he was basically telling me I was a low-grade moron for not vaccinating.

I'm pretty upset. Especially since this is the THIRD time we've had a mini-lecture from this office about vaxing. Now I almost feel like I'm waiting for an ultimatum. "Vax, or go elsewhere".

What do I do? Where should I go from here?
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