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Re: Ok, WHY don't you VAX?

I am also confused.
dd is 12 months and has had up to her 10 month shots so far. My dr. just gives a hand out stating that the vaccines haven't been proven to cause autism, they don't contain mercury(i think that's what it was) anymore, and that people think vaccines cause autism because around 3 years old is when signs of autism show up and it is around the time of the vaccines.
I read a parenting magazine(last months i think) that stated vaccines haven't been proven to cause autism.
I just don't get it. Why do many kids get the vaccines and not have issues and then others do have issues(such as autism,allergies to vaccine, etc)? I also don't get why so many kids are now allergic to dairy and nuts.
Not trying to hijack or anything just kinda started rambling.
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