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Re: My Pediatrician got HOSTILE!

Whoa. What a nice attitude. I'm sorry, but as a doctor, you're there to serve your patients - not get offended because they don't just do exactly what you say without question. He doesn't sound like a respectful person, regardless of his philosophy. I don't think you're overreacting at all. No one should talk to you that way, no matter whether they disagree with you or not. It annoys me that some doctors feel that because they're doctors they have the right to talk to you any way they want, because they know better than you do. It's a really arrogant attitude, and I don't think arrogance makes someone a very reliable doctor. Too much ego gets in the way of giving good care, IMO. I would be looking for another pediatrician, since that visit left such a bad taste in your mouth. Obviously not a good fit for you. I hope you can find someone who will treat you with the respect that any human being deserves!
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