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Re: nursing necklaces

My now 18mo DD also loves nursing necklaces, and regular necklaces, and anything I wear around my neck, like an ID badge.

However, I really only like her to pull, tug, play with my nursing necklaces because they are strong enough to withstand her playing and I know that they are not made of toxic plastic or lead crystal, etc. They really work and help focus her on breastfeeding and help keep her from being distracted and also pinching me or pulling my hair. I wear it when I'm babywearing her and they are also useful to keep her little hands occupied when I'm changing her (so those little hands don't into her fuzzi bunz).

I use them at home, in public, really anywhere. I often get compliments on my "beautiful" necklace from those who don't realize I'm wearing a nursing necklace.
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