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Re: What is your cup size?

Originally Posted by zionnecherub View Post
I am frustrated with all of the nursing bras and tops out there. Its like everything is designed for smaller chested women. It just seems like most breastfeeding women should be bigger than the average C Especially the large and extra large mamas out there (like me ).

I am just going to have to invent a nursing garment that actually works

ETA: I didnt mean to offend those mamas that are a "C"... I wish I was, it would make jogging alot easier

Let's trade shopping areas! I was a 30DD after Nick was born and now I'm back down to my usual A/B cup. I can not find nursing bras small enough. Everything here is huge. I like to wear them as hats!

Haha I am the only A cup. Oh well, the big chest looked funny on me. I only weigh about 100lbs so it didn't quite suit me. They looked fake and they hurt my back.
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