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Re: My Pediatrician got HOSTILE!

Originally Posted by tennesseemom View Post
"well, I wouldn't be doing my job as a Doctor if I didn't set you straight on vaccinations. *insert multiple horror stories about his former patients here*. And I don't know what you've heard, but the reason children are healthy as they are these days is because of vaccinations. They don't cause autism, nor do they carry risks like they used to. Now, I can't control what you do with your child, but I feel like I should tell you upfront that most Pediatricians you'll find will take offense that you choose not to vaccinate your child. Rather than coming in with all this outside information, and telling us we are the bad guys and are out to hurt your kid; I suggest reading the facts first."

What do I do? Where should I go from here?
I'm a vaxer, but this pisses me off. He's assuming you're ignorant, which says a lot (bad) about him.

Next time he starts that garbage, try using a response along the lines of "What makes you think I haven't read the facts?", and wait for him to answer. Make him own his own ignorance.

Good luck...I feel so fortunate to have good peds who questioned why we delayed vaxes with DD, but actually believed our educated answers.
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