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Re: My Pediatrician got HOSTILE!

Originally Posted by lisahas2cats View Post
I'm a vaxer, but this pisses me off. He's assuming you're ignorant, which says a lot (bad) about him.

I haven't experienced that with a Ped, but I did have similar experiences with 2 OBs. One actually rolled his eyes at me when I was asking questions about my partial molar miscarriage...he told me that I asked too many questions and needed to just be quiet and let him do his job. Um...he had just told me that I could get cancer...I think that justifies some questions. The other was great until I refused to eat candy bars to gain weight during pregnancy (I wasn't opposed to gaining weight, just didn't think candy bars were the best way to grow a baby).

Both times, I left the practice. I can't stand docs who get upset when patients do their own research. I mean, it's my (or my child's) body...I think it's irresponsible to have blind faith in a doc. As far as I'm concerned, if they aren't willing to have a respectful discussion with me about issues, then I'm not willing to be their patient. If they get defensive and hostile...well there must be a reason, KWIM? I'm not saying that they have to agree with me...but respect is the bare minimum.

Good luck...and do check out the other peds that you insurance covers. There *may* be one that is a better fit.
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