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Re: Breastfeeding & bashing

I didn't read all the posts, gotta run, but just wanted to say and you're not alone. I understand why you're posting...we come to this board for fun and chit chat and advice and everything else, and while it is a great board and there are so many wonderful mamas here, we don't always feel understood or loved or whatever. It's hard because it's virtual, not 'real life', so things are taken out of context and stuff. As my DH tries to remind me, we all come to these boards 'seeking' them and therefore we're not really a random slice of folks. We all kind of lean one way or the other in certain issues. So yeah there are a lot of BF supporters (some more 'zealous' than others) as well as folks who feel strongly about various AP and natural parenting issues. SO try not to judge yourself compared to how you feel the majority feel.

That said, I'm sure no one means to make you feel bad or guilty by what they are saying, lots of us just sort of reply to posts without really understanding what the ramifications on the other end might be. I know i 've experienced this with other issues.

I still BF my son at almost 17 months, but only 2X day - no more if I can help it at all. I only do it because it's easier to me than trying to stop him...he's just not ready so it would be a fight and I don't want to have one more thing to 'argue' about with him or have him be upset about. I have a friend who tried SOOOO hard to BF both sons, and she couldn't. She tried so hard with her 2nd DS that he was STILL losing weight at 3 weeks old because the 3 LCs she had been to all kept saying to just keep up the pumping and nursing and herbs, etc. and the milk would come. Well, it didn't and he ended up in the hospital. The 4th LC she went to said...just feed your baby. Give him formula, let him nurse, do both, just feed him. It wasnt' her fault - but b/c everyone was SO pro-BF and so determined that every female MUST be able to BF - her DSs health was compromised. She still cries about it now...that she couldn't BF. And it's hard to avoid all the pro-BF out there. I just don't think everyone thinks when they say stuff...about who might be listening and how they would feel. It 'sn ot that they are mean, they just can't always be thinking of everyone else.

Sorry for the ramble. Guess I'm going through stuff like this too and wanted you to know you're not alone!
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