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Re: Breastfeeding & bashing

Originally Posted by EmnJJsMom View Post
I could never imagine putting formula in a newborn tummy. They are putting warnings on formula cans for a reason. Not to mention, I can't fathom supporting formula companies for moral reasons...but that's a whole different topic.
Let me first just say, I breastfed my daughter for 15 months before weaning her. I did have trials and tribulations - I over came them and went about my BFing business.

But, I'll also say this is a very ignorant comment IMHO. How awful do you think that could possibly make a formula feeding mother?

I'm all for BFing, but I'm all for formula feeding as well. When my daughter was first born she had a very hard time latching on and I was on the brink of giving up, I was so stressed out, I was frustrated, and I was tired. This ALL rubbed off on to my new, very hungry, just as annoyed and frustrated newborn so off I sent my DH to Target and told him to buy some formula. I needed rest. She needed to eat. We both needed some good rest - and guess what she drank it. We napped. She was happy and not screaming bloody murder. She woke up - and nursed successfully for the first time.

She is a strong healthy little girl today - and I wouldnt change what I did - ever.

If you dont want to support the formula companies - thats definitley your choice. But I think it's pretty rude to say pretty much that putting formula in a newborns tummy is like poisoning them.

I'd hate to make other mamas feel bad for choice (no matter what it is) that they feel is best for their child.
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