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*Update*Prayers, Positive Thoughts and Goodvibes for DD please!

Well tomorrow we take DD to the Children's Hospital to see her Ped Neuro.

We are hoping, I guess although I am really still not sure, that he switches her meds. Fingers crossed that the new one will stop her seizures.

I know he is going to switch it I am just worried about dealing with side effects and everything like that right when the new baby is about to come.

Her side effects have been quite noticeable with the med she is on now so I am a little worried. She seems to react badly to most meds.

Also he will be looking into why she sleeps 16-18 hours in a day. YES 18 hours sometimes.

He thinks it might be the med she is on but since we have lowered the med to half of what she was taking she is still sleeping the same amount.

I'm worried about what it could be that is making her sleep for so long. Possibly she is having seizures in her sleep?? I don't know but we have a video monitor for the express purpose of keeping control and track of her seizures but I mean she could be having them when we are asleep.

Anyway then next week we go back to the Children's Hospital, over 2 hours away, for her EEG. This is GREAT news. It will only be her second EEG and I am hoping that they find something kind of. Last time she had one she was just over 6 months old so she has grown a lot since then.

Anyway Prayers and Positive thoughts would be great for tomorrow.

Now to pick out a cute outfit for her to wear.
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