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Re: Ok, WHY don't you VAX?

I am sure you are looking for a miriad of reasons not to vax, but to me it is a very simple thing. I don't vaccinate my children because scientists do not yet fully understand how the human immune system works and vaccines are an unproven theory. I will not let the government make guinea pigs out of my children. Have you heard of the hygene hypothesis. It is a theory that is gaining more and more acceptence in the scientific world right now. It is based on studies showing that children whose parents are overly cautious, sterilizing everything and keeping them away from all germs have more problems with asthma allergies and other autoimmune resposes than children whose parents take a more relaxed approach. I believe that allowing children to get childhood diseases helps them to be healthy and build a good strong immune system. I also believe that vaccines have not been appropriately tested and cause unknown and dangerous immune responses. Think of how many children have auto immune problems these days, ranging from Diabetes to allergies and asthma. Every child I meet practically has these problems.

My first son was vaccinated till 18 months. The whole it isn't vaccs the symptoms just show up then line is a load of crap. My child went from being a precocious talker with 500 words and using short sentences to not talking at all in less than a week after his MMR vax. He is now diagnosed with an ASD. I don't think that vaccines cause all cases of autism, but I am not willing to take the chance with my second son. Since studying I have found that I don't even believe in the premis of vaccines. The benefits far from outweigh the risks.

There are some great books out there. What your Dr. May not tell you about childhood vaccines (I believe that is by Randall Neustrader sp?) a thoughtful parents guide by Stephanie cave, and my favorite How to raise a Healthy child in spite of your Pediatrician by Mendelson.
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