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Re: Is anybody night-weaning?

i'd looove to. we started to about 2 months ago, then ds got sick, and he's been fighting off this crap for quite awhile now(keeps coming and going.) he's finally better-so i'm going to start it back up again. we're going to do the whole shebang, i think-out of bed, and no more nursing.

i'm really worried about ds's teeth. they have a greyish hue to them. i've been told by 2 different dentists that it's most likely the anatomy of his teeth, but i can't help but worry that the all night feeding is making it worse.(i think it is, my dh does not.) anyway, that's why we initally started night weaning-our ped told us to stop NURSING asap or a dentist would have to take out all 4 front teeth(GRRRRRRRRRRRR) and recommended, of course, CIO.

that's a whole other post, though.
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