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Re: Ok, WHY don't you VAX?

I dont vax for many reasons, we did vax right until after ds's 6mth appt, that was before I found out the truth. I also never felt right during his appts, and sometimes had to cover my eyes and got paniced whenever it would happen.

I don't do it anymore because I don't feel it is right to inject an infant or any human being with formaldahyde, aluminum, anti freeze, aborted fetal cells, monkey DNA, chicken embryos, bovine serum and other scary ingredients.

Autisim isnt the only reason to fear vaxs, and murcury isnt the only bad ingrediant. Those fevers, and constant crying after vaxes, are signs of brain swelling, a serious reaction to the toxins in vaxes, but we as parents arn't told that that is why it happens, we are just led to believe they are just fuss and in pain from the site of the shot. A fever is a serious reaction, it is not normal as drs tell us, but in their eyes, since so many kids have it happen it is shouldnt be! Nor should we give tylenol before or after a vaccination, because it hinders the immune system and can acutally case a worse reaction.

I also don't vax because I no longer trust drs, the medical world, or the goverment, after learning about this stuff. I also trust in the human body being designed to work perfectly without needing toxins injected into us. I am comfortable with my decision, and If ds ever came down with something (most of which arn't scary anyway, we all probably had them as kids, as did our parents, without vaxes) I am fully confident in his body fighting it off and being better because of it, or if something terrible happened, it as all in God's plan anyway. I would rater leave it in Gods hands, than trust the medical community and have my child autisitc or permanatly damaged because of a reaction to a vax.

To find out more info, I highly suggest going over to's vaccination board, the women there know a TON of information and are very helpful.

SAHM to my crazy toddler

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