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Re: Ok, WHY don't you VAX?

I don't vax for many different reasons. My number 1 reason is that, there is absolutely NOTHING natural about vaccines. I believe that Jah gave us what we need, not men in white labs suits. Number 2, well, have you ever researched the ingredients in vaccines? It's rather sickening. And seriously, if everyone needed vaccines then surely the human race could not have survived to the extent that it has.

The only reason the medical industry wants to give vaccines is because it's a money maker. They know darn well that it's nothing but toxic poison but come on, we'd be pretty blind to think that they REALLY want cures to diseases and illnesses. If there were no diseases, there would be no need for most doctors and no pharmacutical companies pushing drugs. Which would mean that a heck of alot of people would lose a HECK of alot of money. Heh. That will never happen. So it will always be take vaccines, take drugs, you need this and that, blah blah blah.

What my family does is look to nature for our answers. Not science.

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