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Re: Breastfeeding & bashing

I agree with what a few others have said.
There is a difference between a mother who has TRIED to breastfeed and then goes to formula (for medical, personal or other reasons) versus someone who chooses formula from the get go and believes that formula is far superior to breastmilk.
I would NEVER bash or insult a mom, no matter what her feeding choices. Sometimes I think its a shame that a baby never had the chance to recieve his mother's milk (designed especially for him), but I would never point the finger and say "you are terrible for not breastfeeding! Shame on you!".
Now, there are some reasons for not breastfeeding that I find rather silly. For instance my SIL does not plan to breastfeed because she thinks its "creepy" (I guess the idea of her breasts going from being a sexual object to a method of feeding a child). And she genuinely believes in her heart that formula is better, more complete nutrition and that breastfeeding is "obsolete". Needless to say, her ideas about it make me shrug and sigh.

There are moments when I see a woman mixing up formula and ALMOST say "awww, thats too bad". But I remind myself that I dont know their story or the circumstances.

Every mother has the right to do what is best for their child, and shouldnt be chastized for whatever method she does choose.

But, I am totally 100% FOR breastfeeding, and Im proud of any woman who chooses to do it. Lord knows, at times the temptation to quit can be mind boggling!
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