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Re: Breastfeeding & bashing

I am pro breastfeeding. I breastfed dd until she was 10 monthes....and only my changed milk taste made her stop...Zoe has been pumped for around the clock since she was 3 days old...really bad thrush has prevented her from latching on, and i am taking domperidone and fenugreek to keep my supply up...but tonight she is going to have her first bottle of formula. The lcs all said we need to get rid of my yeast in order to get rid of I am going to formula feed her while we do major thrush removal duty, bleaching everything that can be bleached, vinegaring everything that can be vinegared, gentian violetting things that can be and canesten too, and diflucan....everything to make this yeast get lost....and while we do all this..we will formula feed....and it will be ok, because my dd will still be eating and it wil make her healthy, and two weeks of formula hopefuly won't kill her....but I hate to see her, and me in pain.....anyways....When I told someone today thta i was oing to formula feed her...I got told that obviously i didn't care for my child if i didn't nurse her....and I bawled. I think breast is best....but i also think as long as the mother is doing what she feels is best for her child, i wouldn't ever bash them or judge...If i am asked for advice, I will give it, but without the side of criticism.
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