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Re: DD refusing to bowel train! Advice PLEASE!

Kearnan did the same thing. He has some other stuff going on. He was 5.5yrs when he potty learned. And for peeing it was an overnight thing. But try as he might he could not get the poop to come out on the toilet. He just couldn't relax enough. So eventually he would be watching a movie or playing on the computer and it would come. Finally I bought him a gameboy and told him he could only play it while sitting on the toilet. Of course that is all he wanted to do, and for a couple of days no one else could use the bathroom. But it worked the first day, within a few minutes he had done it. And we haven't had a problem since, it's been over a year now and he can poop on the potty no problem's now. I forget where I got the idea, can't remember if someone else suggested it to me or if I just thought of it. Have you tried reading her a story while she sits? It is hard for some kids to sit still long enough to go, or to relax enough. A story might help, or a hand held game if you are not totally opposed to them. There are educational versions, like vtech. Or jsut little handheld Dora games.
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