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Re: Wednesday Wagon- BOO YAH I started it! :D

Originally Posted by lovnbabygabi View Post
Morning my lovelies!

Yay Christina!

Cmon is a good day to be born I say.

Jessi....Disney's Tummy Soothers worked way better than mylicon for Gabi and it's cheaper and I believe a more natural product.

Hi Seannamarie! Didn't see that thread you were talking

Hey JenMah!
Hmm, I will look for them today!

Originally Posted by AFMama View Post
EVERY time I send something or receive something priority, it takes LONGER than first class. Craziness. I sent something to Heather in NC (just a couple of states away) priority, and it took over a week. I sent something to Alaska first class, and it took 4 days. Weird.
Yeah, I've had that happen to me too. I just want my Sleep Sheep!

Originally Posted by finn's mom View Post
Good Morning!
I was looking for that thread too

Oh and looky whats I got ???????????????????
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