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Re: This is why I refuse to let dogs around my child!!!

I grew up around dogs....I can remember sitting on my family's standard poodle/lab mix and pretending he was a
I have 2 dogs and I ALWAYS supervise. My dogs are great but you never know.
My neighbors had a mean rotty. He actually killed a neighbors dog. The people were sued for 35,000 and did NOT put the dog down. The dog ended up attacking 4 people. The owner being one of them. I actually went over her house and told her that I love dogs but she has no right to have an aggressive dog in a neighborhood with so many kids. I wouldn't even walk around the neighborhood alone when I was pregnant because the dog used to get out. WHen I confronted her, she said "but the dog loves me, I could never put him to sleep"....the dog ended up dying of a disease. The dumb B*tch went and bought 2 MORE ROTTIES! The people don't even know how to train a dog. If you are going to get a know aggressive breed (and yes there are dogs who are more aggressive by nature) you MUST train them.
As for the little girl who got attacked by the pitt, the family needs to re-evaluate who is important in their life. Children are not on the same level as pets!
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