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Re: This is why I refuse to let dogs around my child!!!

Glad to see I'm not the only one who gets upset by this! My bil, who lives right next door, has a fullblooded German Rottweiler. According to him, he wouldn't hurt anyone, but seriously, the dog weighs more than me!!! His head is bigger than mine and he scares me. Rottweillers are also known for sudden no reason attacks. I never take dd over there or even in the yard because the fence isn't tall enough, he's jumped it before not to mention he could just ram the thing and knock it down. Thankfully, my bil keeps it inside most of the time. We have a German Shepard, but I don't trust him, David found him at his shop and brought him home, He just gives me bad vibes but he's in a fenced in area and we are trying to give him away. Actually, chiuawauas bite alot more often than most breeds, they are very shaky and nervous dogs and kids will make them more so

ETA : I wasn't trying to pin in on the breed itself, just some breeds are KNOWN as is documented for aggressive behavior. Any dog can bite and I know that. The German Shepard we have has killed one of our cats and has bitten another one but thankfully my bf yanked him off before he killed him. The German Rottweiller, belive it or not, is friends with a tiny little kitty cat. They play and sleep together. But I still don't like either one of the dogs. I don't trust them, and I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but dogs have teeth and they can do some major damage.
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