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Re: This is why I refuse to let dogs around my child!!!

I hope that baby is ok. You should not leave ANY animal alone around a baby, whether it be cat, dog, get the idea. They are not human and don't really understand that they cannot play with people they way that they do with other animals.

Ok, let's not be breed specific about vicious dogs. Did you know that the dog that has the most reported bites is a COCKER SPANIEL...Yes, a cocker spaniel, not pit bulls (which isn't really a breed anyway), rotties, etc... It depends on the specific dogs temperement and the environment that it is raised in.

I have always had dogs and cats. I hope that I will always. I was also attacked when I was younger and almost killed by a german shepherd. It was my neighbors dog that was at my house playing with me and the neighbors kid. Then it just attacked me. That dog was put down. I was only 4 so I really don't know why it attacked, or what happened. I still have scars all around my neck from that.

The only other dog that has bitten me was a Dauschund! And my cat is actually the one animal that did nerve damage to me in my hand when he bit me.

I have 2 boxers right now, and I do not leave them alone with my DD. Although, they all play together and when we leave in the morning, she goes up to give them kisses bye. She doesn't even do that with her daddy! I do not leave her alone with the cat either.

I just don't trust animals, but I'm not going to stereotype any breeds. I have rotties that were angels, and my sister has a chihuhua that bites everything around and is horrible. Little dogs can be just as vicious as big dogs and do damage to babies as well.
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