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Re: This is why I refuse to let dogs around my child!!!

there are aggressive breeds. They were bred for very specific purposes...the "pit bull" got its nickname because it was used as a form of entertainment. The dog's purpose was to take down and kill a bull in an actual pitt. People used to pay to watch for entertainment (I believe it started in England).
When I worked at the vet hospital we were given a piece of paper and it said:
The following breeds are more likely to be aggressive:
Cocker Spaniel
Stafforshirde* Terrier (pitt bull)
German SHeperd
wolf hybrid
This is in no order....My friend was almost killed by an akita while we were at work. Another girl was bitten in the mouth by a cocker spaniel. You just never know.
The reality is, pitts have lock jaw and rotties have massive jaws. I have known nice dogs of both breeds but I would NEVER allow my child to play with them. Pit Bulls are actually outlawed in Miami-Dade County. If I offend anyone I am sorry. It is just common sense, the bigger the dog the bigger the bite (and yes there are exceptions to the rule). My cousin's Pitt snapped at my uncle's face...actually got his mustache. My stupid cousin still has the dog! Some people!
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