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Re: Labial Adhesions

There are skin conditions that can cause labial adhesions throughout a woman's life, age and estrogen notwithstanding. And labial adhesions can come and go even without treatment.
I know because I have a condition that causes them. For a good portion of my life I've had no labia minora - it was completely adhered to the labia majora. With treatment with estrogen, it would un-adhere for a while, but always went back, and I don't like using hormones all the time. After pregnancy and while nursing (must be due to extra estrogen) it has actually un-adhered all on it's own.
There are treatments other than hormones and surgery - btw. You can ask your dr about protopic cream. I chose to just stop with the drugs because the lack of labia minora really didn't do any harm for me...but would obviously feel differently if the adhesions were getting in the way of peeing or sex...
BTW - I was cloth diapered as a baby.

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