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Re: DD refusing to bowel train! Advice PLEASE!

Originally Posted by Jessi621 View Post
My dd did the same thing. She started peeing in the potty when she 2 1/2, but didn't start pooping in the potty til about a month after she turned 3. I don't why, just one day she started doing it and never looked back.
One of my friends had the same problem with her son, but with him it was cause he had that seperation anxiety thing where he didn't the poop to get flushed away. So they told him th poop was his friend and his friend liked going swimming. So everyday when his friend came to visit him, he had to take him to the pool then send him down the waterslide.
I thought that was cute and creative. Maybe if that's part of the problem with your dd the pool/waterslide thing could help.
That's THE funniest thing I've heard all day
DD and I have some serious talks about bodily functions, but this takes the cake!

OP--there's a trainer/boxer called Ditto Daddy that you might like if your DD wants to be like Daddy:
Otherwise, there are tons of mamas on Hyena Cart that make girls' boxers and panties.

We're in the same boat, BTW--DD'll pee on the potty like a champ, but poop in her diaper the minute she gets it on. We're using Blueberry trainers (pull up, we call 'panties' but absorbant like a diaper) but DD doesn't seem to know the difference and doesn't seem to care if she poos in them
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