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Re: Labial Adhesions

Yeah, DD's pee would squirt like a little boy because her's was so far closed. Actually, we were at the dr because she was having fevers and they went to "bag" her to catch pee (I refused to let them cath,) but when they went to wipe her to clean her up, they saw she was fused almost completely.

I just hope she doesn't have problems with this all her life. Since it opened, it has stayed open nicely other than 1 time when we used disposables for a week.

They say they can get it from a lot of things like the chemicals in disposables, diaper rashes, being too "squished" in there when the skin is still raw and sensitive... They suspected DD has had hers since birth though (because she peed funny right off the bat, squirted straight in the air...I thought it was because she was swollen from birth yet) and having one since birth can indicate further problems they want to probe at...I'm still undecided about what to do and I'm going to talk to her ped about it in a few weeks.
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