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Re: Giving water to babies / water for bottles ?'s

Originally Posted by katesmash View Post
Couple questions....
What age did you start giving your LO's sips of water? What kind of water did you use? So far I've given my DD water out of a big Culligan jug (the kind that goes upside down on a cooler dispenser thing) and water from my fridge out of a Brita filter jug.
I've always used powdered formula & bottled water for her bottles... wondering when I can just use standard tap water (or Brita filtered) without boiling it. I just realized that hmmm... I've given her sips of water like that, I wonder if I can use that water for her bottles.

Should mention, I'm looking for suggestions or what YOU did... not quotes from "experts" on what 'they say' you should do. Real life experiences please
dd was bf exclusively so no water until after 12mos
we give tap water, we have city water though (so no need to boil), if you have a well have it checked first, I also recommend against giving tap water if your neighborhood has a history of water main brakes (when the city posts that the water needs to be boiled)
BTW culligan is just regular municipal water
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