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Re: *Update*Prayers, Positive Thoughts and Goodvibes for DD please!

Well our appointment went well.

Her Ped Neuro has taken her off of Clobozam totally now because it's just not giving us any results and just bad side effects so no sense in keeping her on it.

She has an EEG next week at the Children's Hospital also and so he would like her to be off of the meds for it and then maybe they might catch something.

If all goes well with the EEG and it doesn't catch anything then he will be putting her on Topomax. I just looked it up and it has some pretty severe side effects so we will have to watch her VERY carefully he said.

He said she is growing and developing well. He's just worried about her sleeping for 16-18 hours a day and why she is doing it and how it will effect her development.

So everything seems good. Fingers crossed that now that she is on no meds for a while we don't all of a sudden have tons of seizures again.

Then that the Topomax, if that is what she goes on, doesn't have too bad of side effects for her.

This is a lot to deal with only 4 weeks from my due date.
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