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Re: My Pediatrician got HOSTILE!

I think the doctors forget that they are working for you and you are paying them. Someone who takes the time to delay or not vax at all, is generally going to be someone who has taken the time to look into the issue, and doesn't need a big lecture on stuff she has already heard.

I got a big lecture from a hospital ped. for not getting Vit. K shot for my daughter. He wasn't going to change my mind so I don't know why he bothered. He gave me this lecture in from of my husband and my parents. I wasn't happy about it. Not only that, but I had just had a baby and really didn't want to get all worked up over this, I just wanted to enjoy being a mommy.

My general practice doctor is fine with whatever you choose to do. It makes my life so less stressful not having to worry about what they think about these personal choices. I think doctors should stick to helping sick children. I was tempted not to take my son in for his 2 year appt. because he wasn't sick, I just didn't see the point, but I did go anyway, and of course, he was fine.

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