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Re: Using prefolds vs kissaluvs fitted or contours

I haven't used contours, but I have used kl fitteds and infant prefolds.

My dh LOVED the kissaluvs, wouldn't touch the prefolds, despite the fact that no pins were involved. (We used a snappi or just a wool wrap.) He probably would have tried to learn the pf routine if he'd had too--he really likes the idea of using CDs, but he's kind of all thumbs with those kinds of things, so it was nice to have the kissaluvs there for him.)

I used the bikini fold with the pfs, which I found very easy, and it *almost* always held the poo in...until just very recently, when he started regularly pooping out of them, but now that we've moved on to regular pfs, we've solved that problem.

The kissaluvs always held the bf poo in.

As far as fit goes, I think kissaluvs work for a while. They STILL fit my ds, although he pees right through them, so we've just recently stopped using them. He's almost 4 months old...on the long and skinny side for 4 months, but still--that's a long time for them to fit, imo.

Our nb stash was half kissaluvs (24 is a good number for us, so dh could do the majority of the changes on the weekends!) and half infant prefolds (24 of these). This worked great for us. (We used wool over them, but I'm sure PUL covers would work great too.)

Oh, also, if you're planning on using cloth at the hospital, it was really nice to have the kissaluvs for that also.
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