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Re: Tell me about your kids having tonsil/adenoid surgery.

My son was two years old when he had tonsils and adnoids removed. The best thing we could have ever done. I have no regrets!
He was snoring a lot and waking himself up at night from it. Also- he had very large tonsils ( he got that from me- however I did not get mine taken out till I was 22 and it was horrible!!!) Since I knew what I had gone through being older and having mine removed we oppted to have his done at this age. I was not sick a whole lot and niether was he but when we would get sick it would be bad. And the DR said that is was from the large tonsils harbouring all that bacteria in our mouth. Anyway- he was two and it was outpatient. The hardest part was when he woke up from his surgery in recovery ( we were there) he was scared and in alot of pain but they quickly have him some pain meds and after that it was fine. As a matter of fact that night he ate a soft granola bar. Now me on the other hand when I had it done could not eat ANYTHING for almost three weeks. It was soo bad so if he needs to have it done I would do it now. SInce then my son has only been on antibiotics one time and now he is 6. Hope that this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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