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Re: Ok, WHY don't you VAX?

Originally Posted by keegans_mommy View Post
Oh, where do I start?

First of all Vax's DO contain a small amount of Mercury that CAN build up in a small child's system. Some kids bodies cannot pass this neurotoxin and it builds up in the body and causing "shorts" in the brain connections. We had a test on Tiffany and her cause of Asperger's (autism spectrum) is from heavy metals, one being mercury. Go figure.

Ok, I don't have a list right now but if you saw what they use to MAKE these vax's you may think twice about them. Also, when you research and understand that most of the diseases/illness's we are currently vax'ed for are not as bad as we may understand them to be, you may not get them either. Some aren't much worse than having the flu or the chicken pox.

Most, if not all, have natural remedies to heal or to even naturally vax against these diseases without putting foreign chemicals and heavy metals/neurotoxins into your body.

Nature has a way of taking care of itself and Human beings are no exception! We are creating a dependancy that is not the normal course of the human life and the more we depend upon artifical "protection" the weaker we become. There will come a day that these vax's will no longer be able to "protect" us as diseases/illness are also natural and find ways to survive. They will mutate and then what will we do?
I really want to be your friend.
I decided not to vaccine my new one and I have to find a new doctor because of it. I am treated like and idiot and a leper. I need support because the last time she went I almost caved. Later, my Mom raised H*** because of what they said to me.
I asked the Doc if she could just have the Tetnus shot and he said No. Does that sound right?
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