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Re: Ok, WHY don't you VAX?

I don't vax my kids because I disagree with the theory that injecting them with a virus will then prevent them from catching the same virus WITH WHICH THEY HAVE JUST BEEN EXPOSED.

I am married to a chemist, and we are big believers in the germ theory (or hygiene theory): germs are helpful in building healthy strong immune systems! If you are constantly protecting yourself from germs, you will find that if you get exposed to ANY germ, you will get very ill. We don't want that for our kids.

I believe my children have natural immune systems that will protect them. And, if the theory of vax's proves correct, we don't need to worry about rubella because everyone is vaxed against it, right?

My twin boys got vax'ed at 2yo, and I haven't done any since then. They are 3.5yo. My girl has never had any vax and she is 18mos.
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