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Re: Ok, WHY don't you VAX?

Originally Posted by Moonprysm View Post
The thing mentioned by a pp is the brain/blood barrier. It is a barrier that keeps things that enter the blood stream from entering the brain. It is not fully formed in children, therefore the toxins that are put into the body by vaccines can enter into the brain.

I second the rec. for Dr Cave's book. It was the best source of information that I've found. We choose not to have DS vaxed because I do not buy into the culture of fear that is so prevalent in the US. My son is not going to die if he gets chicken pox. Or mumps. Or an ear infection. So there's no point in risking him getting vaccines for diseases that are not going to kill him. Especially when the vaccines are not 100% anyway! Our immune systems were put there for a reason. I believe that the fact that science is trying to circumvent it and do things the way they think is best speaks a lot for our society.
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