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Re: Tell me about your kids having tonsil/adenoid surgery.

My kids havent had to have their tonsils or adenoids out yet but I had to have them done at 20 and it was miserable. It should have been done when I was a small child like your ds, my toncils were HUGE. One ped. said I should have the surgery and another said I would grow into my tonsils so my mom didnt do it. I had all of those problems you mentioned when I was growing up and it was no fun. I wish I had had it done sooner. The recovery time for kids is much quicker, at 20 I was miserable for over 2 weeks. Ever since I have had it done I have been sick much less, I dont snore, my breathing has improved. If my doc told me that my dc needed it done and I knew the issues were there I would definitly do it. I hope that helps.
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