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Re: Supplementing an EBF baby with Vit. D?

I have been told this as well and my ped asks me every visit if I'm giving him the vitamins. I give it to him like once a week or less because initially I did have a hard time remembering and then as I read more and it got sunnier here I felt it wasn't necessary. And they are full of sugar and other ingredients that didn't sound good to me when I read the label. So anyway, when the dr. asks I just say that I don't remember them very much. I really don't want to debate it... I didn't even dare to ask about iron supplementation now that LO is 6 months old. I make my own rice cereal but I already know what they are going to say so I'm not bothering to discuss it until they do the anemia test at 9 months and then if he's low I'll worry about it. Anyway, different topic, just ranting cuz we went there today.
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