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i HATE my body!!

I relaly havent grown too muchthis pregnancy, but i am only 15 weeks. My wt shifted as soon as i got preggy, but really bno real growth. Wel inthe last 3 days, my belly popped out.
This morning i was crying at my hubby because he hasnt even tried to touch me in a few days, and all he talks about is this newgirl at work. Now i KNOW he wouldnever cheat on me, but i feel like i am just too big for him to want anymore. He tells me he wants my body and is up for 3-4 times aday, but he doesnt show it. I dont know if i am just tired or what. But i hatehow i look now. I thought i was looking decent, and now i am just here. all fat and pregnantand VERY unattractive. And thing is i am just gonna get bigger. My uterus is up above mybelly button nowand i am only 15 weeks. SO annoying!!!

Ever have dayswhen you HATE your baby bump??
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